Here you find important information about our dividend.

Covestro intends to share its business success with its investors. The company’s efficient capital structure and strong free cash flow are expected to support a sustainable dividend policy. From the current year 2017 on-wards, the dividend policy of Covestro envisages an attractive annual dividend that increases year over year or  is at least stable, measured in € per share.

The Annual General Meeting of Covestro AG has approved on May 3, 2017 to payout a dividend of €1.35 per share. This represents a dividend yield of 2.1% based on the closing price for Covestro stock on December 30, 2016.

At the Annual General Meeting 2018, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board will propose using the distributable profit of EUR 438,900,000 for fiscal 2017 reported in the annual financial statements to distribute EUR 435,582,945.60 as a dividend to shareholders. This corresponds to a dividend of EUR 2.20 per no-par value share carrying dividend rights for 2017.



2017 Annual Report
Released on February 20, 2018. Details